Facebook has crossed the 600 million accounts mark

There are exactly 610.736.740 active accounts on Facebook

I have the last two years regularly monitored the amount of active swedish accounts on Facebook (mostly to find out when significant milestones were reached) but lately I’ve started to gather data for all countries.

I gather the data by using the AdTool and then I search country for country.
There are 214 of them.

Facebook doesn’t update these data in real-time but rather on, what I feel, a quite irregular basis.

Today I noticed that they had been updated again and decided to do a run-through.

This is what I found out:
Total amount of active Facebook accounts: 610.736.740
Biggest country: United States 148.216.200
Second biggest country: Indonesia 34.319.040
Biggest change since last update: China – From 295.400 to 505.380 active users

All data, country by country, are available in this Google spreadsheet:
Facebook Active Accounts
Feel free to use it any way you want or suggest improvements (it’s pretty simple right now) but if you use it please credit me or link to this post.

More than 600 million accounts. Active accounts. That’s a lot.

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  • http://www.oscarb.se Oscar


    I was really inspired by this so I combined world population data from Wikipedia with your spreadsheet to see how “dense” Facebook accounts would appear all over the world. Well, the result wasn’t that surprising considering population size of China vs Monaco… But still, interesting to see nonetheless, see for yourself at https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AvlLC5dc9aA0dGs3NHo1TldkbHRQR0FERHFqRUw1ZXc&hl=en_GB


  • http://www.lindqvist.com/ Nikke Lindqvist

    Nice data! Thanks for collecting and sharing. A small error in the text: It’s Indonesia, not Malaysia that has all those Facebook users.

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  • http://www.matgeek.se/ Johan

    Awesome! I thought about t´doing this myself, but couldn’t find the time. Thanks a lot! Would it be alright if I incorporated your data into my document if I credit you?

  • http://www.matgeek.se/ Johan

    Right. My bad. Thanks :)

  • http://www.oscarb.se Oscar

    Sure, go ahead!

    However, I have removed two countries from your list to make the heatmap work (which needs ISO 2 letter codes, see hidden column B). They are “Netherlands Antilles” and “New Caldonia”, row 137 and 138 respectively in your sheet. It shouldn’t be a problem to split up the copy and paste :)

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